DIY Faux Finishes for Walls - Create Faux Fabric Effect - Step by Step Tutorials for Do It Yourself Faux Finish Wall Textures - Rustic, Colour, Tuscan Style, Simple Metallic, Sponge Painting Techniques, Roller and Drag Texture

Bored with your decor? Sometimes I forget that cool decor starts with the walls. Faux finishes can really add some interest without making a room look overdecorated. If you've ever stuffed a room with knickknacks, artfully arranged, only to see that it creates a chaotic mess, you know what I am talking about. Learn the tricks of pro decorators with these easy faux finished you can add to your walls- bedroom, kitchen, bath, living room, you name it. Every room in the house can have a cool new look when you try out a few of these wall painting ideas.